Catalytic Upgrading of Biochemical Intermediates (CUBI)

Lead PI: Rick Elander, National Renewable Energy Lab NREL


  • David Johnson, NREL
  • Derek Vardon, NREL
  • Andy Sutton, Los Alamos National Lab/LANL
  • Mike Lilga, Pacific Northwest National Lab/PNNL

Abstract: This project addresses critical barriers in the catalytic conversion of sugars and sugar-derived intermediates into hydrocarbon fuels and co-products. Biomass that has been deconstructed into sugars and sugar derived intermediates via hydrolysis and fermentation can be converted into transportation fuels and bioproduct chemical streams via chemical catalysis. In addition to direct catalytic conversion of sugars and sugar derived intermediates, several intermediates will be investigated for catalytic upgrading into fuels, such as anaerobically/ near-anaerobically derived ethanol, diols, and organic acids.