• Data Release and Project Closeout Procedures

    4 Resources
    A dataset containing procedures to: 1.) Make a dataset public 2.) Closeout out a project on the Data Hub Contact emnadmin@nrel.gov with any questions.
  • ChemCatBio Metadata

    3 Resources
    ChemCatBio metadata resources for dataset and resource levels. If you need metadata added to the Data Hub, please contact emnadmin@nrel.gov What is metadata? One challenge in...
  • Demo: Electrolysis Pol Curve Data Tool

    1 Resource
    This dataset contains a demonstration of a custom data tool. The data hub has a plug-in architecture, and custom data tools like this one can be developed. In this example, a...
  • Demo: XRD Unmix Data Tool

    3 Resources
    The unmix XRD data tool offers a form of automated Reitveld analysis for thin-film and powder x-ray diffraction spectroscopy. By providing a series of reference patterns in...
  • EMN Metadata Extractor and Multi File Uploader

    6 Resources
    This data tool is in beta phase and only works on Windows machines. To use this data tool login to the Data Hub where you will upload data, copy your API key from your profile...
  • Help and Tutorial

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    The user guide details the functionality of the data hub. Contact the data dub administrator with any questions: emnadmin@nrel.gov