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Institution: NREL

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  • CatCost v1.0.0

    3 Resources
    First public release of CatCost spreadsheet tool for catalyst cost estimation, as well as documentation for the spreadsheet and web versions of CatCost
  • ChemCatBio Metadata

    3 Resources
    ChemCatBio metadata resources for dataset and resource levels. If you need metadata added to the Data Hub, please contact What is metadata? One challenge in...
  • Catalyst Cost Model Tool

    1 Resource
    The catalyst cost model tool.
  • CatApp Database

    2 Resources
    A database of adsorption energies and activation energy barriers for various species/elementary reactions on metal surfaces
  • Surface Phase Explorer

    1 Resource
    Understanding the coadsorption of two species on a surface requires the exploration of phase diagrams. To facilitate exploration this web tool creates interactive and...
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