This file contains simulated, or reference, spectra data (mgb2_spec_xas_all.dat). The three demonstration files show two simulated, or reference, spectra data—MgB2 and B2O3—together with the experimental measured spectra thought to be MgB2. These demo data suggest possible contamination of the experimental sample when compared to reference spectra data.

You can plot the experimental spectra and compare to the simulated spectra.

The Advanced Multi-spectra data view parses many columns from the same csv and parses many csv resources.

To set up the view, add Multi-spectra Data Tool metadata to each resource you want to view, then click 'View' next to any of those resources to open the data view. Additionally, the file(s) will include multiple columns where the first column is x, and the following columns represent y1, y2, etc. In other words, the header row will show both x and y columns. The first column is always X, so if there is no header, the label for X Axis will show the data from the first row, first column. If there is a header row, the label for X Axis will show the header row for first column.

  • You will see a list of resources (from multiple projects and datasets) you have access to, including public resources.
  • By default the chart will plot the resource from which you are viewing the data view.
  • You may select multiple resources to view.
  • This tool currently supports 4 main delimiters, but will infer what the file is using. Otherwise, you may select either Comma, Tab, Space, or Pipe within the view, under the file(s) being graphed.
  • You may indicate whether that file has a header row or not (defaults to header).
  • The chart will display using x column (the first column) and and all y-series (all columns after the first column).
  • The tool will try to graph all of the data in your file(s).
  • You can make a png of the graph to share.
  • The graph is interactive - you may click on an item in the legend to turn on an off data in the graph; you may click within the graph to introspect data.
  • When using this data tool please describe your data in the upload, Description; name the data for the X and Y axis.

This resource view is not available at the moment. Click here for more information.

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data tool Multi-spectra
resource comments DOI: 10.1016/j.ijhydene.2019.09.125
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Last updated March 19, 2020
Created July 10, 2018
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