URL: https://datahub.chemcatbio.org/dataset/8dd420af-e803-4618-9c38-7f51e5d084e5/resource/5bd7afc8-69d2-444d-9d81-d7ad532a8575/download/20100414_pfun_001_image.png

From the dataset abstract

This data tool is in beta phase and only works on Windows machines. To use this data tool login to the Data Hub where you will upload data, copy your API key from your profile (upper...

Source: EMN Metadata Extractor and Multi File Uploader

Resource Metadata

acquisition date 4/14/2010
acquisition time 12:08:12 PM
measurement type TEM
mimetype image/png
operator Courtney Pailing
resource comments example metadata extractor
size 1.9 MiB
tem hv setting 120,000
tem imaging mode Imaging
tem magnification 29,000
tem model name Tecnai
tem pixel size 0.36
tem pixel size array [u'2048', u'2048']

Last updated August 19, 2019
Created August 19, 2019
Format image/png
License No License Provided